Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy thought: bedtime.

I'm exhausted and it's my bedtime. I looooooove bedtime.


I love my missionary!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Extra post: About me!

I don't think I told much about myself in the first post, so in order for you to understand some of my posts I should tell a little about myself.

I'm a girl obviously, who is waiting for an amazing man to get home from his mission. We've been best friends for 4 years and dating for 2 of them. He left in October 2009, so I still have a while to go. He's serving in the Paraguay Asuncion' mission, Spanish speaking.

I graduated from Bingham High school in 2008. I'm currently going to Salt Lake Community College in Utah for my Associates Degree in Family and Human Studies. After I get that degree I am hoping to continue my education at UVU for a Bachelor's Degree so that I can become an Elementary teacher.

I truly am a workaholic. I have two jobs; I work in the child center at Lifetime Fitness and I also work with a class of 4-6 graders, all autistic. I love both my jobs and am learning great skills from them.

I teach the sunbeams in my home ward and I really do love my class. They are all the biggest little sweethearts and they make me so stinking happy!

I love colors, movies, and sleeping. I love spending time in my bedroom that I am proud to say is always clean, and hanging out at my missionary's house. I get along great with his family, they're all so awesome!

So yeah basically that's me in a nutshell, any Q's feel free to ask!

Happy Thought: Big Brothers!

Ok so school starts tomorrow and because of that and the two jobs that I have plus working out with my bff I will be gone every day from 7am to midnight. So I bought myself a cute turquoise lunchbox, because if I eat out every day then not only will I become an elephant, I'll go broke! So anyway I got this lunchbox and I am so excited to use it! So excited! I was talking to my mom about how excited I am for it and she mentioned that my big brother bought us these really cool salad holders for like a lunch on the go and stuff, you know? So I was looking at it today trying to figure out how to use it, when he came over! He saw me with it and so he showed me how to use it and also how to use the other lunch containers he bought us. They're all pretty cool! So tomorrow I get to eat this awesome salad for lunch with the container my brother bought my family. Yay for big brothers who buy useful stuff!

I love my missionary!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Thought: Receipts!

I went shopping today because I needed a new duffel bag and backpack. So, I find a great duffel bag and buy it, no big deal. Then, I go on the hunt for a new backpack for college at Target. I get there, find a backpack that's pretty cute, buy it and get home. I start to show it off to my mom and she doesn't seem very happy. At all. Turns out, she bought me a backpack for my birthday that's coming up! So she gave it to me early since I'll be needing it on Monday, and I will say it may not be AS cute as the one I got, but it's definitely cute and has more pockets and is just tons better than the one I got. This one is Adidas too! Bahaha! Soooo, luckily I still have the receipt for the backpack I got so I can take it back. If there were no receipts, or if I would have chucked it, I would be stuck with two new backpacks, but I don't need two backpacks, I just need one! Yay for receipts!

I love my missionary!

Happy thought: Dreams

Dreams are amazing. You're in real life one minute and all of a sudden you're somewhere else, but it feels so real! They are such a great place to escape to when you're down! They're a place where anything can happen and everything is possible!

Well, let me just let you all know that I had an amazing dream about my missionary last night! Simply amazing! His mission was oooooooooover! We were at my grandma's house, (why my grandma's house? No idea.) Anyway, we were just hanging out at first, then out of nowhere I pounced on him and gave him the biggest little hug ever! Then I kissed him and told him how happy I am that he's home and I also told him he's not allowed to ever leave me again. It was depressing waking up and realizing I'm still only 3 months into his mission, but I also felt like I'd just gotten home from hanging out with him. What a good feeling!

I love my missionary!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Thought: Bandaids!

So I was at work today, working with one of my students that's just learning how to actually use scissors, (I work in an autistic class,) and he had just finished what he was cutting so I asked if I could have them and right when I went to take them he started chopping and he cut a chunk right out of my middle finger! I didn't feel anything I was just like, "Whoa bud be careful you could hurt someone!" And I look down and I have a chunk, A CHUNK, out of my finger! At first it didn't bleed, but all of a sudden. . . it was a gusher! Oh man I've bled through so many bandaids today!!! It's pretty funny! But let me just say that I am so grateful for bandaids because without them I'd be taping tissues to my finger! Yay for bandaids!

I love my missionary!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Thought: Very very nice Supervisors!

It always sucks when you're at work, you feel great at first, then as time goes on you start to feel worse and worse until you have to race to the bathroom to throw up. Well that happened to me today. And let me just say, I am so grateful for my very nice supervisor who was so sweet enough to send me home even when we were at a 1:20 ratio and we're supposed to only be at a 1:12. Holy crap! Thank you supervisor for sending me home so I can rest up so I won't be sick tomorrow!

(And sorry workout buddy for ditching you tonight.) :(

I love my missionary!